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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Jim Morrison on Curley Q, Part II

Jim Morrison & Band - Campfire (ca. 1964), Curley Q 5705

Seven years ago (yes, SEVEN!), I have posted a disc by Curley Jim Morrison of "Rock and Roll Itch" fame (see here). It was always a goal for me to unearth his story and I am now very near to achieve it. His daughter has been generous in providing me with memories and information. The result will be published in a future American Music Magazine issue.

However, I am still looking for other people who knew Jim Morrison, saw him perform, or even played music with him. He was active in Miami, Fort Worth, Clovis, Edwards, California, and Glenwood, Illinois. Feel free to leave a comment if you can provide any details (any info is appreciated).

For today's post, I picked out a song that was recorded by Curley Jim around 1964, a follow up to his local Fort Worth hit "Ace in the Hole," entitled "Campfire." Enjoy it!


Apesville said...

Are we sure about 1964? It would be 1963 by 5705 issue number.Curley Q (IL) 45 - 5707 was 1st pressed Dec 1963 as "Jim Morrison & Band" Then band named changed & re-pressed Jan 1964 "as "Curley Jim' Morrison & Band" But I may be wrong?

Mellow said...

Where do you got that December 1963 date for #5707 from? The matrix number rather indicate it was pressed in 1964. Malcolm Chapman also gives 1964 for #5707 (first and second pressing) and for #5708.

It could be 1963 but I'd stick with 1964.

Unknown said...

I'm Curley Jim's oldest daughter, Maridene. He created Maridene Records in the early 1970ish with some pretty obscure groups with 45 rpms. https://www.discogs.com/search/?q=Maridene+Records&type=all That'll be fun! I just turned 70!

Unknown said...

Gene Summers recorded on Maridene Records: https://www.discogs.com/artist/2738368-Gene-Summers-And-His-Rebels?type=Appearances&subtype=Compilations&filter_anv=0 and I'm pretty sure I met him when I was little. He may have played music with Dad in the Fort Worth area. He is still alive and I think still "performing."

Unknown said...

Karen Conway, another vocalist who recorded a single with Maridene Records

Mellow said...

Maridene, happy belated birthday! Thanks for commenting. Funny, I just asked your sister about the Maridene label. The Maridene label was already active in 1965, when your father recorded for it. Obviously, it was run by Major Bill Smith. So your father went into partnership with Smith with this label?