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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The Mystery of Dennis Herrold

Hi there folks! Just a quick note that Bear Family Records is releasing the LP/CD "The Mystery of Dennis Herrold" on April 3. I have been involved in this project heavily as I had the honor to write the extensive liner notes for this awesome release.

I have been long into the story of Herrold and have published an article about him in American Music Magazine in 2015, which was the most complete biography of him back then. Now, Bear Family gathered Herrold's complete Imperial recordings plus bonus tracks on this outstanding release. The liner notes are much more detailed than my article and reveal the true story of Dennis Herrold for the first time.

Be sure to grab your copy here.

It was a real pleasure for me to do this project. Stay tuned for more!


Apesville said...

Hmm Me & John Burton & UncleGil gathered the tracks. The John sent them to bear.

Bob said...

Cover says Boppin' In The Dark for the first time on vinyl, but I wonder if isn't the same track as Boppin' issued in 2005 on this Rockin' Rarities LP :


Mellow said...

@Bob: probably but not quite sure. Haven't heard it.

@Apesville: However, Bear compiled them first time for an official release. John Burton is mentioned. Didn't know you were involved too.

Apesville said...

It was a homemade comp I put together on RH then I sent Back to JB with covers made by UncleGil to JB. The unissued tracks where provided to me by JB. I'm glad it is finally getting a legal issue. I did not ask for credit as BF tried to close RH.

Apesville said...

"Boppin' In The Dark" is a Imperial (CA) unissued demo from 1957 again maybe they mean legal Pressing?

Mellow said...

Was the Rockin' Rarities comp not a legal issue?

Apesville said...

No Hit records Hmm Barney who knows?

MAC Lipsticks Canada said...
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