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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Jackie and Arlen on Southern Gospel Singers

Jackie and Arlen Vaden - The Beautiful Isle of Somewhere (Southern Gospel Singers 1000), mid to late 1950s

After finishing two articles about Red Kirk and Curley Jim Morrison recently for American Music Magazine, I'll turn my whole attention to finishing a project that has been in the making since April last year: Vaden Records. A detailed 60+ pages essay about the little Trumann based label, its owner Arlen Vaden, and recording artists is waiting to be published, furnished with high quality and rare photos, detailed discography and biographies.

Nevertheless, I am still in search of people who remember the Vaden label, Jackie and Arlen, any of the artists or everything else connected with the topic. I have guested on Marty Scarbrough's Arkansas Roots radio programm on KASU in January but unfortunately, there was next to no response to my inquiry. Therefore, if anybody is out there and is willing to contribute, feel free to leave a comment or contact me through the blog's Facebook page.

For today's post, I selected a recording by Jackie and Arlen on their Southern Gospel Singers imprint. This was Arlen's second label, sandwiched between he first branched out into the recording business with his private 78rpm label but likely before Vaden Records came into existence. "The Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" ranks among the best of their work with Jackie's crystal-clear solo vocal and Arlen's guitar accompaniment. The cut was eventually reissued on Vaden Records. These EPs were released by Vaden to sell them on his radio show, which they did indeed in great numbers.

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