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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Teron Records discography

Teron Records was a label and recording studio based in Hollywood, California. It was owned by partners Terry Dunavan and Ron Solovay, both singers and artists in their own rights. Teron, derived from the first names of both owners, came into existence in circa 1963 and folded likely in 1967. One of its owners, Terry Dunavan, will be the subject of an article in a future American Music Magazine article.

The following discography is the most complete of Teron Records at the moment. If you have any additions, feel free to pass them along.

T-777: Margie Hobbie – Choo Choo Safari / Grown Up Blues (1964)
T 778: Gil Anthony – A Ring for Rosie / Green Eyes
T-779: Bill Pape – It’s Easy as A B C / Tomorrow
T-780: Michael Anders - Kid in Between / It's No Sin
T-781: The Four Queens – A Cider in My Eye / The Boy Next Door (1964)
T-782: Carol Hunt - Oh Tommy / Oh Baby Please
T-790: Bill Seagle - Moon Walk / No Letter Today
T 408: Steve Garza – Your Callin’ Me Now / Simple as A B C
T 409: The Samurais – Love Light / Watch Dog
T 410:
T 411: Terry & Ron – Saturday Night / My Funny Valentine
T 412: Mildred Harrison – Grown Up Blues / You’ve Got a Good Thing Goin’
T 413:
T 414: Gail Staddard - Dalil Sa Iyo / As the World Turns
T 415:
T 416:
T 417:
T 418: Connie Dupuis - I Wish I Were Wendy / My Mixed Up Heart
T 419:
T 420:
T 421:
T 422: Georgie Herk – Untrue / It’s Not Much Fun Being Lonely
T 423:
T 424: Natalie Dale – All Dressed Up / The Beginning and the End
T 425: Wes Boice - Don't Come Runnin' / ?
T 426:
T 427:
T 428: Gordon Morris – I Went Driving / You Callin Me Now
T 429:
T 430:
T 431:
T 432: Sherry and Larry - Darling the Moon Will Not Glow / Cuddle Up (has also CH-101 as cat.#)
T 433: Rod Keith - Wedding Bells are Ringing / Lenore (has also CH-103 as cat.#)
T 434: Gary Cruise - Mystery Train / ?
T 435:
T 436:

T 437:
T 438:
T 439:

T 440:
T 441:
T 442:

T 443:
T 444:
T 445:
T 446:
T 447:
T 448:

T 449: Efrem Musgrow - Waitin' All My Life / I Can't Believe
T 450: Tony Ywanciow - Sad Times / Cry Them for Me
T 451:
T-453: Ona Marie Chaidez - He Didn't Deserve What Happened to Him (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) / I am Imagin'
T-201: Linda Lee - You Love Is Showin' / Miss Alone

Thanks to Apesville and Bob


Apesville said...

Teron (CA) 45 - 780 : Michael Anders - Kid In Between (1974) doo-wop
Teron (CA) 45 - 782 : Carol Hunt - Oh Tommy (1964) Doo-Wop
Teron (CA) 45 - 790/791 : Bill Seagle - Moon Walk / No Letter Today (2964) Teen R'N'R

Apesville said...

Bj's guide has Teron (CA) 45 -425 : Wes Boice - Don't Come Runnin'

Apesville said...

Teron (CA) 45 - 101 : Sherry & Larry - Cuddle Up / Darling The Moon Will Not Glow (T432-X)

Apesville said...

lot of labels here https://www.rootsvinylguide.com/search?utf8=✓&q=teron

Apesville said...

more on disclogs https://www.discogs.com/label/632369-Teron-Records

Apesville said...

45cat has 10 45 listed

Bob said...

Some additions:

T-201: Linda Lee "Your Love Is Showin'/Miss Alone"
T 414: Gail Staddard: Dalil Sa Iyo/As The World Turns
T 418:Connie Dupuis: I Wish I Were Wendy/My Mixed Up Heart
T 434:Gary Cruise: Mystery Train// ?
T 449:Efrem Musgrow: Waitin All My Life/I Can't Believe