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Saturday, March 18, 2017

That Million Dollar Memphis Sound

"That Million Dollar Memphis Sound"
The Story of Eddie Bond's Millionaire and Western Lounge labels

Memphis music personality Eddie Bond had many occupations at the same time. A singer, club owner, radio DJ, TV personality, producer, promoter, and label owner are likely only a couple of functions. He set up his first label Stomper Time Records in 1959, named after his background band, the Stompers. He went on to cut countless 45s for small local labels, including the Millionaire and Western Lounge imprints.

Eddie Bond at KWEM
After Stomper Time folded in ca. 1961, he switched to small Arkansas and Memphis based labels, for which he recorded various discs. Bond filed a petition in bankruptcy in early 1965. He had led a night club in partnership with Baxter Turnage but the club proved to be unsuccessful however, and after Turnage's sudden death in 1964, Bond was left alone with the debths.

Bond however, was provided with enough engagements, recording releases and his steady job as the programm director of KWAM. He released "Cold Dark Waters" on Buford Cody's Memphis label in 1965, which turned out to be a moderate seller for Bond. Soon, things were "looking rosier" for Bond, as Billboard reported in February 1965, and around the same time, he became involved in the Millionaire Music Corporation, which included a publishing firm and two labels, Millionaire and Western Lounge (also shortened to Western at times). The company's name and its slogan "That Million Dollar Memphis Sound," which was printed on both labels variously, were of ironic nature, regarding Bond's financial problems. It is not clear to me if Bond really owned the companies but he was at least heavily involved in them.

In November 1965, Billboard reported that the Western Lounge on 1298 Madison Avenue, Memphis, had set up a label of the same name. Bond's involvement in this label was not mentioned probably due to his bankruptcy. The first two discs on the label were by Dean Cross, a local singer who regularly appeared at the Western Lounge. On February 13, 1966, Cross took part in a charity concert at the Lounge at also included Ace Cannon, Ray Scott, Jerry Fox, and Eddie Bond.

Bond released several 45s on Millionaire as well as an album "Favorite Country Hits from Down Home" (Millionaire #MLP1618) in 1967. Both Millionaire and Western Lounge became dormant after 1967. Bond recorded one disc for Stan Kesler's XL label in 1968 and that same year, his Tab recording label came into existence, for which he recorded steadily during the early 1970s.



Millionaire 45-101
Leftus & Rightous
Wobbling Stone () / ?
SK4M-0887 / SK4M-0888 (RCA)

Millionaire MC-108
Eddie Bond and the Stompers
I Just Found Out (B. Cody-C. Leatherwood) / Back to Viet Nam (Jim & Gary Climer)
S4KM-0934 / S4KM-0935 (RCA)

Millionaire MC-109/10 (698B-3587)
Chuck Comer - Jukebox Serenade (n.c.) / Doug Stone - She Moved to Kansas City (n.c.) / Buck Turner - What Will I Do (n.c.)
S4KB-3588 (RCA)
Eddie Bond - Hey Joe (n.c.) / Jim Wells - Home in Shelby County (n.c.) / Jim Morgan - What's Gonna Happen to Me (n.c.)
S4KB-3588 (RCA)

Millionaire MC-111/2
Melvin Endsley
To Have My Baby Back () / Keep the Water Running (Melvin Endsley)
SK4M-3643 / SK4M-3644 (RCA)

Millionaire 660S-0885
Sylvia Mobley
Hearts Have a Language (G. Williams) / In and Out of Love (Melvin Endsley)
SK4M-0885 / SK4M-0886 (RCA)

Millionaire 45-120
Leon Starr
Honey Child () / ?
T4KM-5282 / ? (RCA)

Millionaire MM-126
Lloyd Arnold
Wake My Heart () / That's How I Wake Up (Lloyd Arnold)
T4KM-5279 / T4KM-5280 (RCA)

Millionaire MM-128
Ed Veglio
I've Got to Tell Somebody (Ed Veglio, Wm. H. Talbert) / I Just Thought I'd Ask ()
TK4M-4066 / ? (RCA)

Millionaire MC 444/5 (698B-9721)
Eddie Bond
Is My Ring on Your Finger (Wayne Walker) / The Little Black Book (Webb Pierce; Wayne Walker; Polly Harrison)
T4KM-9721 / T4KM-9722 (RCA)

Millionaire MC-446
Eddie Bond
Looks Like a Monkey () / Daddy's Drinkin' Up Our Future ()
112 / 113

Western Lounge

Western Lounge 1298
Dean Gross
Hello Frisco, Goodbye Viet Nam (Gene Rowe) / The Stronger of the Two (Gene Rowe)
SO 2731 / SO 2732 (Plastic Products)

Western Lounge W-1300
Dean Cross
Look In My Boot (Curtis Marshall) / Six By Six By Three (Curtis Marshall)
TK4M-4030 /  TK4M-4031 (RCA)

Western Lounge W-1301/2
Tommy Tucker
Everybody's Darlin' Plus Mine (Robbins) / Sorry About That (Edna Lee)
TK4M-4547 / TK4M-4548 (RCA)

Western W-111
The Fabulous Jack Fargo
Little Rosa (W. Pierce; R. Sovine) / I Just Dropped In to Say Goodybe (J. Pierce)
P-14 / P-15
Note: This disc was also released in 1962 on Pen #111. 

Western Lounge WPR-311
Frankie Bonds
Ballad of H. H. McKnight (Tommy Tompsen) / Go on Break My Heart (Frankie Bond)
A / B 

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Apes Ville said...

Millionaire (TN) 45 - 120 : Leon Starr - Honey Child (1966) (RCA T4KM-5282)
Millionaire (TN) 45 - 101 : Leftus & Rightous - Wobbling Stone (1965) (RCA SK4M-0887/0888)

(1965) Millionaire (TN) EP - 3587 V/A
Side 1 : Chuck Comer / Jukebox Serenade / Doug Stone - She Moved To Kansas City / Buck Turner - What Will I Do
Side 2 : Eddie Bond - Hey Joe / Jim Wells - Home In Shelby County / Jim Morgan - What's Gonna Happen To Me
(was on Stardays youtube channel)

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