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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

John Avery Mote

John Avery Mote - How Can She Lie Beside Me (JAM 45 102), 1977

Here we have a sweet country ballad by John Avery Mote from the 1970s. 

Mote is better known for his "Grandpa's Twist," which he released on JAM #903 under the name of "Avery & the Country Boys." It was featured in 1998 on Buffalo Bop's "Rockabilly Shakedown" compilation as well as on Cees Klop's anniversary CD "41 Years Collector Records (40 Was Not Enough)" from 2008. Wayne Russel, who authored the liner notes for the latter, suggested JAM was based in Georgia and "Grandpa's Twist" was from the early 1960s. Apart from the fact that Klop's White Label/Collector LPs and CDs usually contain wrong information and edited tracks, which are presented as "alternate" or "unissued tracks," Terry Gordon gives November 1970 as the release date for "Grandpa's Twist," derived from the BMI database. 

JAM was likely owned by Mote and was a shortcut of his name (John Avery Mote = JAM). This disc was released in 1977 and by that point, the label had moved to Nashville, Tennessee, which puts the Georgia location into question. There was at least one more single by Mote on JAM.

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