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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Jimmy Doyle Payne on Alley

Jimmy Doyle Payne - Sweet Little Sixteen (Alley 1040), 1968

Jimmy Doyle Payne should not be confused with Jimmy Payne (born 1936 in Leachville, Arkansas), who recorded for K-Ark, Vee-Jay, RIC, Epic, and others from 1962 until 1982.

Jimmy Doyle Payne was bass player in Bobby Lee Trammell's band from the early 1960s onwards. He can probably be heard on Trammell's recording of "Arkansas Twist" b/w "It's All Your Fault" on Alley #1001 (1962), the label's first release and Trammell's signature song.

Jimmy Doyle Payne had a total of three releases on Alley in his own right during the years 1966-1969. His second one featured a good version of Chuck Berry's hit "Sweet Little Sixteen" with hot guitar and organ. The flipside "Pen, Pencil & Telephone" was a Harold Dorman composition.

Payne had an earlier release in 1965 on the Zay-Dee label, located in Batesville, Arkansas. He was also likely the vocalist of a band called the Jokers that did cover versions of "Arkansas Twist" and "It's All Your Fault" for the Bro-Ket label, also from Batesville. I'm pretty sure this band is the same that recorded for Grace Records, again based in Batesville.

Jimmy Doyle Payne discography

Bro-Ket BK-101: The Jokers - Arkansas Twist / It's All Your Fault (1964)
Zay-Dee ZD-202: Jimmy Payne and the Jokers - I Wouldn't Be Seen Alive with Her / Don't Ground Me (1965)
Alley 650A-4748: Jimmy Payne - I'll Cry Instead / A Dirty War (1966)
Alley 1040: Jimmy Doyle Payne - Pen, Pencil and Telephone / Sweet Little Sixteen (1968)
Alley 1047: Jimmy Payne - Joe's Forgettin Glass / I'll Get Over You (1969)
Erwin E-1071: Jimmy D. Payne - The Devil Lives Across the Street / If You're Living in a Lonely World


Bayou Bum said...

I have a 45 on Erwin E-1071 records by a guy named Jimmy D. Payne - The Devil Lives Across The Street (H.Dorman) / If You're Living In A Lonely World (M.Ellis-P.Winchester, country music style, could it be the same guy?

Mellow said...

Bayou Bum, you're probably right. I'll add it to the Jimmy Doyle Payne list and to my Erwin discography. Thanks!

Daddy Cool said...

Where does the Jimmy Payne fit in who provided vocals on DICK BARTON - LET'S START OVER / I GET THE BLUES (Anthem 61712) (Texas 1959)- is this a third guy?

Mellow said...

I guess it is another singer. But you'll never know!