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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jim Cannon on Memphis

Jim Cannon - Highway Fever (Memphis M-329)

Jim Cannon is featured here with a country trucking song called "Highway Fever" on Memphis from ca. 1965. More on the Memphis label can be found here.

Cannon, a local Memphis artist, had another release on the Wescan label, "Brooms" b/w "Life's Stormy Sea" (Wescan #102), which was prossibly his own imprint. Cannon eventually had a moderate christmas hit with "Frumpy" in 1973 on the newly founded Fretone label. Fretone was operated by Estelle Axton in Memphis, once co-founder of Satellite Records, which would evolve into Stax.

Billboard October 29, 1973
Billboard December 8, 1973

Jim Cannon Discography
thanks to Bob

Memphis M-239: Highway Fever / Stagger-Stumble-Crawl
Wescan 100: My Evil Eye / Underwater Man
Wescan 102: Broom / Life's Story Sea
Fretone 005: Frumpy / Little Round Man (1973)

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Bob said...

Wescan 100 "My Evil Eye" / "Underwater Man"