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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tri-State Records Discography

P.O. Box 11522

The Tri-State label had a post office box adress printed on all labels, in contrast to other Wooten productions. The reason for this oddity is still unknown.

45-1921: "The Rambler" Max Riggs - The Playboy / The Story of the Country Boy (1967)
45-1922: Curley Fields - Son of a Gun, I Done It Again / Could It Be (1967)
45-1923: Clyde Nelson and Ronnie - Stairway to the Top / Wrong Side of Town (1968)
45-1924: Cousin Zeke - Get Your Finger Out of It / Lover Man Minus Sex Appeal (1968)
45-1925: Johnnie White - Two Old Mais, Part 3 / Two Old Maids, Part 4 (1968)
45-1926: Patsy C. Sharp - Lara / Cherry Hill P. T. A. (1969)


DrunkenHobo said...

Tri-State (?) 45 - 1747 Hidden Valley Boys - Banjo Chimes
Tri-Stae ? Dennis Homer Mean Woman Blues
Tri-State (?) 45 - 1824 Tony Mullins - Coal Mine Momma
From Bj's Guide

Mellow said...

Are you sure it's the same Tri-State label?

DrunkenHobo said...

I've not seem labels so can't confirm if it is or another

biglon68 said...

Two different Tri-State Records. This discography is Tri-State in Memphis, TN. I believe Tri-State Recording in Kingsport, TN released the three that DrunkenHobo mentions. Tri-State in Kingsport was most often released as Trail Records while I have ran across a few that are vanity releases that mention Tri-State Recording only and a couple with TSRC as the label. The Tri-State in Kingsport was around from 1967 to 1988. The first 1967 release I'm aware of was TSRC-1701 and runs thru TSRC-1948 in the late 1980's. I collect the Kingsport, TN label and am trying to create a discography.

Unknown said...

I have a album I'm trying to figure out yr
Tsrc 7057
Side one 20081
Side row 20082
Any ideas?