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Friday, January 2, 2015

Mike Shaw on Regal

Mike Shaw - O Bee O By O Baby O (Regal 7507), ca. 1958

I assume this is the same Mike Shaw that recorded for Harold Doane's Perfect label in Miami. Mainly because this Regal record has the Sherlyn-Pent Publ. on it, which was owned by Miami recording studio owner and producer Henry Stone.

Sherlyn published many compositions of local artists like Buck Trail, Don "Red" Roberts, Chuck Darty, among many others. It appeared as "Sherlyn Publ." and as "Sherlyn-Pent Publ." Sherlyn-Pent songs included those by Tracy Pendarvis (Scott #1203), The Fireballs with Billy Eldridge, Pat Richmond, and Doug Dickens (all Vulco recordings), Jimmie Tennant (Thunder #45-1000), Jimmy Voytek (Caper #1551), and others. From my observation, it was active under the name of "Sherlyn" before 1958 and changed its name to "Sherlyn-Pent" at some point in 1958.

Mike Shaw was a member of "Happy Harold" Thaxton's band around the release of his Perfect record ("Long Gone Baby" / "Frankie and Johnny", Perfect #45-C-111, 1956). This Regal disc was approximately released in late 1958. Shaw also had a release on the Chariot label ("Coal Mine" / "Show Me the Way to Your Heart", Chariot #110, 1960) that saw also release on Gone #5098 in 1961.

Both the Regal and Gone labels were operated by George Goldner from New York City. Goldner was a very influential figure in the music business and an important distributor. Henry Stone, a big name in the Miami music scene in his own right, would place several of his productions with Goldner's labels. Billboard reported in an article titled "Boom Over Miami: DJ's, Distribs, Artists Turn Out Disks, Masters" on June 2, 1958, that "Local hotel owner Stanley Kahan, who wrote 'Girl with the Golden Braids,' recently purchased a piece of George Goldner's new label, Regal Records. Kahan plans to hold some local sessions, with Miami talent - including the Coralaires - in the near future." It seems this was the case with Mike Shaw and his "O Bee O By O Baby O." I assume it was recorded at Stone's own studio. Later, this also seemed to happen with Shaw's Chariot single, though I could not spot any hint that Chariot was connected with Stone or Kahan.

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DrunkenHobo said...

Another excellent bit of blogging. Thanks for fill this Mike Shaw gap in my collection. Maybe the flip one day.