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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sonny Williams on CTJ, Part 1

Sonny Williams - Foot Prints on the Floor (Cotton Town Jubilee 104)

Following up on my post on Gene Williams' own Cotton Town Jubilee release, here's another offering from this interesting record company. Sonny Williams had the first release on the label but today's disc was his second outing from around 1962, "Foot Prints on the Floor" b/w "I'd Give It All to Be with You." He would go on to release two more singles on the label. The A side is an uptempo country song, written by Bob Forshee, whose compositions were recorded also by other Cotton Town Jubilee artists. The flip is a weeper from the pen of Chuck Comer, an Arkansas DJ and recording artist (Vaden, Cotton Town Jubilee, CMC).

Sonny Williams' real name was Clyde Harley Bowie, born 1933 in Pisgah, Maryland. He also performed on Gene Williams stage show "Cotton Town Jubilee" (KWAM, Memphis, Tenn.). His nephew left a comment on an earlier post but my attempt to contact him failed. Eddie, if you're reading this: we're all curious about your uncle's story!

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tencan5@aol.com said...

sonny williams is my dad and the info is wrong his name is james kirby williams{sonny williams} my name is keith williams I have the organal 45 of footprints on the floor and it was just a peice of his long singing career he also had the memphis fire department band for 26 years and back up band for porter wagner a few times and a regulaur on the eddy bond show and also had a radio spot in memphis for a shor time.another fella stole some of his music and did well with it over seas and dad never wanted to talk about it if you would like to talk to me write me back and i will be glad to talk to you thanks keith williams

Mellow said...

You've got mail!