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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Me and Dave Promo

Jim Patton and Dave O'Brien, making music together again as "Me and Dave"

A little promo work for Jim Patton and Dave O'Brien, original members of the 1960s band "The Mark Four," which had been featured earlier on this blog here. Let's read what they say about their new recordings:

"A little history about how we came to start writing and recording music again: Dave "Frenchy" O'Brien and I were in the Mark Four, back in the mid-sixties. The band had a record deal with Pacific Challenger Records and released 2 singles. The original members of the Mark Four consisted of myself, Dave, Rick Whittington, and Jerry Ainsworth. After about a year and a half, Dave and I left the Mark Four and started another band, known as "Nobody's Perfect". The band didn't last very long and Dave and I went our separate musical ways, although remaining friends. Dave continued to play with a variety of bands, including Animotion, who had a big hit entitled, "Obsession". I focused on going on to college and beginning a career in business. 

A couple years ago, I got the itch to start writing music again. I discussed the possibility of writing and recording with Dave and he was all for it. We collaborated on a six song CD, which took a couple of years to put together. The first track on the CD was a fun little number called, "I Love the Ladies", which has a great dance beat and, we hope, an appealing set of lyrics with a soul band sort of feeling to drive them. The song is about a guy who just can't seem to get enough of the ladies, but then, who among us can? We hope that folks enjoy the tune as much as we enjoyed writing and recording it. 

We decided to release that track on iTunes first and see what kind of reaction we got from it, before releasing the rest of the CD."

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