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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gene Wester acetate

Gene Wester & the Goodtime Band (acetate) 
Borrowed Angel
A Thing Called Sadness

A quick search turned up nothing, neither on Gene Wester & the Goodtime Band nor on Echols Recording. This one came from Los Angeles to me and I guess, it is a Bakersfield related disc. The label states it is a "promotion record," so where's the commercial release?

If there's any info out there, feel free to pass it along.

UPDATE: "Borrowed Angel," as I learned today, was a #7 Country hit for Mel Street on the Royal American record label. Written by Street himself, he recorded it originally in 1970 for the small Tandem label and after some good airplay, Royal American picked it up and released it nationwide. Street had several more top ten hits in the following years but commited suicide in 1978. He had been fighting depression and alcohol problems for some time then. 

I think this acetate was done approximately in 1972, given the fact that "Borrowed Angel" became a hit that year.  

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gene Wester was my father, he recorded that song in 1975/1976 in a garage in fort worth texas.
He played in a band at local honky tonks all around fort worth. all the members of the band have passed except one. I have the orginal copy of this recording. I hope someone is enjoying the song, it has a lot of meaning to his family , and my personal favorite is a thing called sadness. if you have any questions you can contact me at westerjerry@att.net