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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hot Rockers and Country Boppers

There hasn't been a post on this blog since July 20 so I think it's time for a new one. I'm glad to present you the brand new CRH comp "Hot Rockers and Country Boppers" containing 15 selection of C&W influenced Rock'n'Roll stuff. As usual, I also included some (hopefully) interesting liner notes about the artists and their records. Some of these tracks were never reissued, so grab 'em as long as you can!


1. Keith O'Connor - Ah Ha Who? Cindy Lou!
2. Gremlins - Wait
3. Amos Como - Heartbroken Lips
4. Wes Bryan - Lonesome Love
5. Davey Jones - The Real Thing
6. Rusty Draper - Pink Cadillac
7. Benny Martin - Thinking About Love
8. Billy Boy Barton - Monkey Business
9. Cathy Johnson - Rockin' and Yodelin'
10. Shorty Long - Hey Doll Baby
11. Grady Owen - 36 from Dallas
12. Ricky Ricardo - Peek-a-Boo Mary Lou
13. Cowboy Slim Dortch - Sixteen Miles
14. Freddy J. and he Flames - Groovin' on Telstar
15. Hal Dee Martin & the Tomcats - Sea of Heartbreak

1 comment:

bopping said...

Oh yes, thanks for this great compo! Also interested by the Ken Hammck story. I know "It's Now Or Never" for years (on tape), one of my favorite Starday tunes! Wondering that Hugh Lewis is on vocal.
Anyway thanks for all!