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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lonnie Glosson on Vaden

Lonnie Glosson - "I Want My Mama" (Vaden EP-106), 1958
Here's another nice piece of country music by our friend bobsluckycat. Lonnie Glosson had worked with Raney for many years when he recorded "I Want My Mama." His first recordings were done in the early 1930s for Broadway Records and he later teamed up with another harmonica player from Arkansas: Wayne Raney. He and Raney built up a successful harmonica mail-order business and sold millions of instruction books and instruments all across the United States. They later sold the company and Raney switched to record producing.

Glosson recorded "I Want My Mama" circa 1957 possibly at WCKY in Covington, Kentucky. Arlen Vaden somehow acquired these masters (he was also on WCKY for a time) and issued them on his Vaden label in Trumann, Arkansas, on an EP. The record was released in 1958 with only few attention by the public. WCKY was a very powerful station back then with stars like Glosson and Raney, selling all sorts of mail-order products. Nelson King was the most popular DJ there. He hosted the WCKY Jamboree and also sold many Big 4 Hits soundalike EPs that were produced by Carl Burckhardt's Rite Record Productions in Cincinnati just across the Ohio River.

A complete discography of Vaden Records can be found at Arkansas 45rpm Records.

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