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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Buddy Meredith on Rice

Buddy Meredith - "Flop Top Beer" (Rice 5026), 1967
Buddy Meredith - "We Let Love Go to Sleep" (Rice 5026), 1967

Thanks to bobsluckycat, who sent me one of Buddy Meredith's Rice 45s. This one features Meredith's theme song "Flop Top Beer" along with "We Let Love Go to Sleep." "Flop Top Beer" was recorded around September 1967 in Nashville with Jimmy Key producing the session. It was the only song from that session, so Rice used the 1964 recording of "We Let Love Go to Sleep" for the flip (which had been released with "Sugarland, U.S.A." on October 3, 1964, on Rice 5014)
By the way: the Dixie songs by Meredith I posted recently were recorded circa 1960 in Nasvhille. His first session was cut in 1958 for Cullman ("Let Me Know" b/w "Tears", Cullman 6411).


WESTEX said...

"Flop Top Beer" is an old fave...
it's nice... on ice.

bopping said...

Hi! Divshare = I always get problems connecting with them. Email address, pass word, a.s.o. Please send those Buddy meredith direct to my email address: xavier.maire@free.fr. Also the 2nd volume of Bil Dudley songs you posted (same problem, or FBI does refuses it!)