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Monday, July 27, 2009

Anita Carter duets

Here's a set of Anita Carter songs. Anita was always my favorite among the Carters, apart from Mother Maybelle. I think she had a pretty voice that would have also fit much better to Johnny Cash, but you know, John preferred June. Anita was one of the Carter Sisters from the Carter Family. She sang and played bass fiddle for many years with her sisters Helen and June and her mother Maybelle Carter. Although Anita had a solo career (and recorded the very first version of "Ring of Fire"), she was more a favored duet partner. With Hank Snow, she had some success in the 1950s and went also into the C&W top ten with Waylong Jennings ("I Got You"). "Rings of Gold", the flip of the Jennings-duet-hit, was also recorded by Don Gibson & Dottie West.

track list:
1. Anita Carter - Lonesome Road (live)
2. Anita Carter & Hank Snow - A Pair of Broken Hearts
3. Anita Carter & Hank Snow - I Dreamed of an Old Love Affair
4. Anita Carter & Hank Snow - Let's Pretend
5. Anita Carter & Waylon Jennings - I Got You
6. Anita Carter & Waylon Jennings - Rings of Gold

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Teoh said...

Great album. Great songs.