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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Jimmy Walker on Walker

Jimmy Walker - Detour (Walker W-1001), 1965

I bought this record during my research on Paul Westmoreland and his song "Detour," which resulted in my article for American Music Magazine, "At the Detour Inn." "Detour" was composed by Westmoreland and recorded first by Jimmy Walker in 1945 (with Westmoreland on steel guitar). It became a big hit and subsequently cover versions by Spade Cooley, Elton Britt, Wesley Tuttle, Foy Willing, and Patti Page also.

Walker's career, however, never really took off. He became a member of the Grand Ole Opry for one single year, secured a major deal with MGM (but was dropped by the label after one session) and then became a mainstay of WWVA's Wheeling Jamboree. But luck was not on his side. In 1965, he tried again and re-recorded "Detour" along with "Go Back Little Tear." It was released on the Walker label, which was likely his own operation. The line-up on this recording is unknown, but it was a moderate version of his original hit with electric guitar, steel guitar, and piano.

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