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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Jim Murray on Wham!

 Jim Murray - Carolyn (Wham! WRS 1958), ca. 1962/1963

I found it is impossible to research anything substantial about Jim Murray or his band, Caravan. This record came with a picture sleeve, showing Murray behind his drum set. The sleeve also tells us the other members of Caravan, which included Rick Murray (also the producer of this record and possibly Jim's brother?) on saxophone, Bill Gage on lead guitar, Jim Wagner on piano, and Sonny Kelly on bass guitar. The flip side to "Carolyn" was "Putter Sparken," an "Instra-mental" number (as spelled on the label).

Murray had another record on Wham, which was a Jonesboro, Arkansas, label. It featured "Ufo" and "Let There Be Drums," two more instrumentals of which one certainly starrs Jim Murray's abilities on the drums (I can say this without ever hearing it!). Wham at least another release by an act called "Sunrise."

"Carolyn," of course, was from the pen of Arkansas wild man Bobby Lee Trammell, who recorded it in 1962 for another Jonesboro label, Atlanta Records. It was slower than Murray's version, though it has not the nasal vocals on it like Murray's. Trammell's original recording (which I suppose it to be) was released with the more energetic "Sally Twist" on Atlanta #1501, likely in the fall of 1962. Thus, Murray's version must have been from 1962 or 1963, I suspect.

You can see the picture sleeve in good quality on 45cat.com.

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Apes Ville said...

if thats a rite number 186403? it would make it 1967

Mellow said...

Rite pressings from 1967 would have been a five digit matrix number but this one has a six digit number. The dead wax has etched the following: 965-WRS-1958-A/B. First suspected it to be a King custom pressing but that doesn't fit either.

Apes Ville said...

woops your rite my mistake

Bob said...

Jim Murray was with The Sabers who had a 45 on the Silver-Dollar label produced by Bob Tucker

agentaruhanayam said...
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Anonymous said...
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