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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Willie Gregg on Stop

Willie Gregg - The Girls in Milwaukee (Stop ST 1532), 1971

I stumbled across a fifth disc by Willie Gregg, a singer that has caught my attention since I first heard his superb version of "If You Want to Be My Woman" four years ago. Information is scarce and the bits that I have can be accessed in previous posts about him.

The disc couples "You Fool," already the third version of this song recorded by Gregg, and "The Girls in Milwaukee," composed by Nashville songwriter Larry Kingston. Both songs were released by Stop Records out of Nashville in 1971. The release took place at a time when Stop was taken over by producer Tommy Hill, who previously had been vice president of the label. Stop was originally founded by steel guitarist Pete Drake in 1966, whose brother Jack produed this disc. Recording circumstances are not documented but it very well could be both songs were recorded in Nashville with Pete Drake on steel.

Here is the amended Willie Gregg discography:

Kay-Bar Dane KBD-044: Willie Gregg and the Velvetones - You Fool / I'll Find You (1966/67)
Ringo 2001: Willie Gregg - You Fool / How Long (poss. ca. 1968)
Bridge-Way 1003: Willie Gregg - Rebel / A Heart Afraid to Break (1968)
Waterflow 702: Willie Gregg and the Country Kings - She's No Good / If You Want to Be My Woman (1969)
Stop ST 1532: Willie Gregg - You Fool / The Girls in Milwaukee (1971)

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