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Monday, September 25, 2017

Frank Gilreath on Torino

Frank Gilreath and the Southern Swingsters - Homesick for Home (Torino 45-1052, 1969)

There are a couple of Frank Gilreaths in the United States and a quick search did not turn up anything particular on this special Frank Gilreath here. Reading the name of his band, the Southern Swingsters, one may expect a western swing outfit, which it is not, of course. Both songs are straight mainstream country cuts.

Torino was one of the many custom labels operated by Style Wooten in Memphis.

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djJonSnow said...

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William Gilreath said...

I don't know how many Frank Gilreaths there were in 1969, but one of them would've been my grandfather Frank Harvy Gilreath. My grandfather was never a singer, to the best of my knowledge. Another Frank Gilreath was born in NC in 1935. I don't anything about him at this time, but I suspect he's more likely to have been the Frank Gilreath featured in this post.

Mellow said...