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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Gene & Martha Burns on Camaro

Gene and Martha Burns - You're Looking at Me (Camaro 45-3447), 1971

Following my latest post, here's another one from Style Wooten's Camaro imprint. I don't know very much about Gene and Martha Burns other than they had three releases in 1971 on Camaro and another on Ouachita Records.

The Ouachita record was a Rimrock custom pressing and featured their version of the old Gene Autry & Jimmy Long hit "That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine." The label was based in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, which is located south of Hot Sprints and likley took its name from the Lake Ouachita or the Ouachita River in the Ouachita National Forest north of Hot Springs. Thus I believe they were a local act from Arkadelphia and possibly a brother-sister duet rather than a husband-wife duo, since it reads on their Ouachita release "arranged and produced by the Twins."

If anyone out there has more information on them to share, please feel free to contact me. I'm really interested in their story.

Gene & Martha Burns Discography

Camaro 45-3432: The Valley of Death / Old Time Faith (1971)
Camaro 45-3447: You're Looking at Me / Wonder Who (1971)
Camaro 45-3448: Shake You From My Mind / 100 Proof Tears (1971)
Ouachita OS-34: Silver Haired Daddy of Mine / ?

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