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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fiddlen Jamie on MSP

Fiddlen Jamie and the Country D's - Truck Drivin Man (MSP 6001)

This awesome recording came to me by one of Ohio's large musical experts, Scott Cheesebrew. When I heard "Truck Drivin Man," I was instantly struck with the great guitar work and the simple but charming quality of this record.

Fiddlen Jamie was probably Jamie Gene Dennis, born on February 12, 1957, in Saginaw Michigan to Duane and Jeanette Dennis. The family moved north to Benzie County, Michigan, when Dennis was six years old. Obviously, Dennis began fiddling when he was a child and also did personal appearances at that time.

At some point, he made recordings of "Truck Drivin Man," "Arkansas Traveler," and "Black Mountain Rag" with a band called "The Country D's." The songs were released by the MSP label of Archbold, Ohio, about which nothing is known.

Dennis, however, graduated from Benzie Central High School in 1975. If he continued his musical ambitions is not known to me. Eventually, Dennis moved to north Indiana and passed away too son on March 31, 2008, in Goshen, Indiana. Read his obituary here.


Dawn said...

I remember a young man named Jamie Dennis who played in a band with his parents, "Fiddlen Jamie and the Country D's". What I remember about him is different than the bio info you have listed. Perhaps they are 2 different artists, but their name is so unique that it seems unlikely. The Jamie I knew lived in Lenawee Co Mi. His mailing address was Tompkins Dr, Cement City Mi. He lived on Silver Lake in the 1980's. He attended Lake Columbia H.S. He would have been born around 1963-1966

Jeff Dixon said...

I went to career center at JCC with jamie when I was in high school. Do you know where he is now? That would be the jamie dennis that lived on silver lake off us12, and played in a band with his parents, often playing at the golden nugget in the Irish hills.

Mellow said...

I guess it's time to re-write the story of Jamie Dennis as you gentlemen provided more and better info than I did.

bassfiddlesteve said...

"Fiddlin' Jamie" was a different James Dennis who was born in 1966. He was from Michigan but moved to Florida with his parents who made up the "County D's", his father on guitar and his mother on electric bass. I met him at the Hudson Seafood Festival in 1986 and we became friends and played a few gigs together. The act he had with his parents was very quaint and focused on Jamie as a child prodigy, an image which he had outgrown by then. He soon branched off on his own and stopped playing the fiddle in favor of the guitar and later drums. He also worked as an electrician. I know his parents passed away and I lost touch with him about 10 or 15 years ago.

bassfiddlesteve said...

After listening to the recording I recognize Jamie's vocal and lead guitar work and the simple backing of his parents on rhythm guitar and bass. I used to have a full-length cassette of their act which was recorded live and featured Jamie's fiddle playing.