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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ken and the Goldtones

Ken and the Goldtones - If Somebody Loves You (Jon-Ark JA-591), 1964

Not much to say about this band, which likely hailed from Missouri. "If Somebody Loves You" is really a nice song, backed by the instrumental "Squeeky."

The songs were probably recorded and produced by Joe Lee at his Variety Recording Studio in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He released them on his Jon-Ark label. "If Somebody Loves You" was written by Stan Mungle, somehow kin to the band's singer Kendall "Ken" Mungle, while "Squeeky" was a Joe Lee composition. Ken Mungle died in November 2008.


Andrew said...

Hello. Please would you consider posting the B side, Squeeky.I would be interested in hearing his, as it does not seem to be available elsewhere on the internet. Many thanks in advance.

Martin Tenor said...
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Martin Tenor said...

Additional info on the Goldtones.
All band members have passed away except for myself. Ted Long the bass player passed away just before Christmas 2018.
Jarit Keith, Tenor Sax Ken and the Goldtones.