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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Four Winds Records Discography

Four Winds
3648 Park Avenue
P.O. Box 11547 Sta. 

Four Winds was set up by Wooten in the early 1980s after he had left the recording business in the late 1970s. This outfit was active at least from 1981 until 1987 and obviously specialized in gospel music, similar to the Designer label.

3649-45: Tom Mathis & the Broken Dollar Band - California I Can't Play the Game Your Way / It Was a Lie (But I'll Get Over You in Time) (1981)
3650-45: Rev. Douglas Bell and the Stage Cruisers - A Tribute to Brother Thee "Bless My Bones" Wade / The Revelation of the New Rainbow / How Many Miles from Heaven (1985)
3654-45: Nathaniel Cooper - Old Landmark / Theres a Fountain Filled with Blood (1986)
3658-45: Wooden Brothers feat. J.B. Wooden - Grace of God / Till Jesus Comes (1986)
3662-45: Riverside Hummingbirds - I've Got My Faith in Jesus / The Lord is Blessing Me (1987)
3664-45: Friendly Five of Winston-Salem N.C. - Any How / I Know Who Holds My Hand (1987)


DrunkenHobo said...

The only Four Winds 45 i have = Four Winds 45 - 1008 Big Bill Schaeffer - I Hate, But I Like Popcorn. A 50's sounding Rocker but may be 80's or another label ? Label states Pub Noa-How Music

Mellow said...

Different numerical series, different musical style, completely unknown publishing, so likely not the same label. Wooten's Pretty Girl Publ. was still active back then, so I guess this would have appeared on the label.