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Monday, February 9, 2015

Tiki Records

This is another piece of the long lasting Buck Trail career as a songwriter and performer. Tiki Records was lauched by Ronald Killette (aka Buck Trail) in 1969 after his sensational success as the producer of the O'Kaysions blue-eyed soul hit "Girl Watcher," written by him. As it was his usual strategy, Killette would let unknown local singers record his compositions and released them on his own small labels. Except for the O'Kaysions, none of those records ever became a national hit. 

Tiki was active from 1969 at lest until 1971, only producing a a couple of singles. Also involved in this venture was a certain Gene Tyson, who doubled as a producer and songwriter for the label. Killette's company "North State Music" also appears on record labels as a producer and publisher. Killette ran Tiki out of Raleigh, North Carolina, which was one of his stomping grounds, besides South Florida.


T-777: Buck Jones - When You've Got the Blues / How Do You Know (1968)
T-778: Margie Griffin - Boy Watcher / I'd Rather Have a Memory (Than a Dream) (1969)
T-779: The Dreamer - The Beachcomber / Sand Pebbles
T-800: Buck Jones - A Box of Grass / ?
T-801: Carl Deakle - The Unfinished Letter / Old Blue
T-802: Carl Deakle - Pencils and Chewing Gum / The Angels Christmas Song
T-803: Buck Jones - Girl Watcher / Down in the Boondocks (1971)
T-804: Buck Jones - A Box of Grass / I'm Made for Loving (1971)
T-805: Carl Deakle - Hobo's Last Hop / Baccer

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Lightnin' said...

Tiki 802 is by Carl Deakle - Pencils And Chewing Gum / The Angels Christmas Song. Carl Deakle was from Goldsboro, NC and I know one side of this record is a recitation with musical accompaniment.

Mellow said...

Hi Lightnin', thanks for the addition! Do you know more of Deakle?

Lightnin' said...

Carl Deakle was from Goldsboro, NC which is probably his connection with Mr. Killett. I went to school with his sons who were all red headed and freckled. His recordings were mostly moving recitations with musical accompaniment done in a very melodramatic style (not unlike The Box Of Grass)and we thought they were very corny at the time and didn't pay much attention. I think he had one more single called 'Baccer or something like that (It's about Tobacco which used to be the main agricultural cash crop in eastern North Carolina)but not sure if it was on Tiki or another label.The B side of Tiki 777 by Buck Jones is How Do You Know and is straight country.