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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Clearpool Records Inc.

Clearpool Records Inc. was most likely owned by Memphis bassist Bill Black and located in Memphis, Tennessee. Clearpool was named after a popular night spot in the city, the "Clearpool" restaurant, an entertainment complex that also included a swimming pool. The released recordings were published through Black's Lyn-Lou Publishing company.

Bill Black
The label was set up in the first half of 1965. During the previous six years, Black had been very successful nationally with his "Bill Black Combo" and toured with the Beatles in 1964. The founding of Clearpool was possibly one of his last activities in the music business; Black was diagnosed with cerebral tumor and died on October 21, 1965, in Memphis.

Due to Black's passing in 1965, the label was only a short-lived affair. Memphis music vetetan Marlon Grisham had the initial release on the label (#101), it was his last rock'n'roll record. Clearpool #102 was by Big Jim Edwards, "So Undecided" b/w "Long Line of Sorrow," two country performances. I first suspected this to be the same Big Jim Edwards, who was a popular DJ on different stations, including CKLW, but this one was more of a 1960s pop and rock lover. The Edwards on Clearpool sounds more like an older country artist. Also on the label were Billy and the Fabulous Echoes as well as Dennis Turner, who sang with Bill Black's Combo at that time.

You can find more info on Clearpool #103 at DeadWax.

101: Marlon Grisham - Why Did She Go / Jungle Love (1965)
102: Big Jim Edwards - So Undecided / Long Line of Sorrow
103: Billy and the Fabulous Echoes - Just Love Me Right / Jump and Shout
4002: Dennis Turner - Roll On / Confused

Thanks to DrunkenHobo


DrunkenHobo said...


Roll On / Confused (?.??) Clear pool (TN) 45 - 4002

DrunkenHobo said...

bob has this

Karina Beazer said...

I love learning about music stars from the past, so thank you for doing your research and writing this article! I really like the list of songs that you gave here as well. It is incredible that Black toured with the Beatles. He definitely made his mark in the country music industry.


Mellow said...

@Karina: Thanks!