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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Glendale label

Glendale Records
"The Sound of the Sixty's"

I assume that the Glendale label was somehow connected to Buck Trail because a lot of his compositions were recorded by bands for the label. Glendale was located in Orlando, Florida, and started approximately in 1960. The first known record was by the Little Boppers, featuring the two Trail songs "Chattanooga Drummer Man" and "Something Special to Me." Other records on the label were by Jerry & the Capri's and the Flying Tornadoes.

Trail also recorded for the label with another singer under the name of "Buck and Tommy." The result was "Lady Friend" b/w "Beneath Miami Skies" from 1960. Trail often pitched one song to several different artists. "Beneath Miami Skies," for example, was recorded by Trail on two different occasions, Gabriel Denes, Norm Mello, and possibly some others. 

Similiar to Trail's previous label Trail Records, Glendale was a relatively short-lived venture. The last known recording was pressed in 1961 by Rite in Cincinnati, by 1962 Trail was recording a young teenage singer called Pat Parker for the Heartland and Skyland labels.


1001: Little Boppers - Chattanooga Drummer Man / Something Special to Me (1960)
1002: Buck and Tommy - Lady Friend / Beneath Miami Skies (1960)
1003: Karmone Gale - You're the Cutest / ? (1960)
1004: Dorinda Duncan - It's Christmas Time / Happy Little Star (1960)
1007: Jerry & the Capri's - Dancing Dan / I Still Love You (1960)
1011: Dorinda Duncan - Caddy Daddy / You're Something Special (1961)
1012: The Flying Tornadoes - Chattanooga Drummer Man / Make Believe Love (1961)

Thanks to the DrunkenHobo


DrunkenHobo said...

Glendale FL) 45 - 1011 Dorinda Duncan - Caddy Daddy (1961)

DrunkenHobo said...

Glendale (FL) 45 - 1003 Karmone Gale - You're The Cutest (1960)

DrunkenHobo said...

flip of 1011

DrunkenHobo said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlW7fmj5RAU Caddy Daddy

Jenn Aguinaldo said...
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PaulLloyd said...

Billboard review (8th Aug. 1960) of Glendale 1002: "Buck and Tommy are deejays over WGTM". The Wikipedia entry for 'WGTM(defunct)' (operating from Wilson, North Carolina) lists a Tom Campbell amongst the 'host/announcers'.