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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Welcome to 2014!

A Happy New Year to all my readers and visitors out there. In February 2014, this blog will be celebrating its 6th year of existence and some of you have noticed that the quality as well as the quantity of posts have changed over the years. During the last year I got tired of posting download links, especially because I had some problems with my filehosting sites. For now, no new download links will be turn up on this blog. However, I work on a couple of selfmade compilations that requires a lot of work. Researches, to design the covers, the write the notes, and to buy the original records if needed.

Record collecting is an expensive hobby because prices have bounced up during the years and many records now are worth 100 up to 1000 $ or more. When I work up posts or compilations that deal with rare records, which aren't comped yet, I have to buy those records. I do this for my personal pleasure, of course. But sharing all those rare songs on this blog for free made me think of monetizing my blog. I do not want to finance my whole record collection by putting annoying adverts on this blog. But I think it is legitimate because I spend a big amount of money for buying records, many of which are included in compilations (Kenny Owens, Slim Dortch e.g.) or in posts on this blog. My readers and visitors can grab them for free and this will be the case in the future, too. Please share your opinions on this issue with me in the comments sections or via email and tell me what you think. I haven't decided yet if I really will put adverts on my blog but I think about this issue very seriously.

Another point I was thinking of is offering more guest writers. I have made some really good experiences with bobsluckycat, who has contributed some great posts to my blog in the past. If anyone out there has interest in doing the same, I'd be glad to have his or her articles on my blog. Of course, my blog has a certain scope and posts have some quality standards. You can contact me via email if you want to contribute to my blog. More guest writers will not only broaden the scope but also keep a steady posting schedule running. 

Please leave feedback and tell me what you think about those issues. A blog is nothing without its readers.


jenny bento said...

i'd have no problem with ads. have you considered having a donation link so people could pay you?

Mellow said...

Yes I have. But then I'm not independent from my visitors but I will consider that, too.

George said...

Ads wouldn't bother me and I'd certainly be willing to make a contribution, which I don't think of as a donation but rather a payment to help keep a great and valuable resource going.