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Monday, January 6, 2014

Arkansas Travelers

Arkansas Travelers - Travelers Boogie (Benz 1207), 1961

This is a really nice rockabilly instrumental. And when I type r-o-c-k-a-b-i-l-l-y, I mean it. This is not the usual stuff credited with being a rockabilly instro. Just a slapp bass, a rhythm guitar, and an electric lead guitar - that's all.

I couldn't come up with anything on the Arkansas Travelers. According to Bob (from Dead Wax), Benz Records was operated by Mac Engle and Ben Baldwin, Jr., out of Champaign, Illinois. The label published its records through the Merrbach Record Service from Houston, Texas. I would have dated it around 1955-1958 but Bob tells us this disc is actually from late 1960 or early 1961. In addition, another visitor noted the disc was mastered by ACA (also from Houston) in January 1961. I especially like the fact that they printed the key on the label, so anybody could easily play along with his guitar to this tune. The A side of this record, by the way, is "Arkansas Mountain Rag," which features a fiddle and points more towards country music.

RCS doesn't list it and I never saw another copy, this is possibly the only copy known. Never turned up anywhere, quite mysterious.


Bob said...

Clearly a square dance record (tempo and key printed on label.

This label was owned by Max Engle and Ben Baldwin, Jr. and was out of Champaign, Illinois. It issued through Merrbach Record Service - Houston Texas.

Late 1960 or early 1961.

Mellow said...

Thanks Bob, always a great addition. I bought it from a seller out of Illinois, so that makes sense.

Duke said...

I love it! Nice post Mellow

AB said...

This was mastered by ACA in January 1961.

Rocky Lane said...

Great little ditty!