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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Update on CRH-28

Here is an updated version of my latest compilation. Thanks to Svein Martin Pedersen, who kindly took the recordings and edited every single one to improve the sound quality. Big THANKS to him! I deleted the old link.

Further reading on Slim Dortch can be found in American Music Magazine #133.


track list: 1. Big Boy Rock
2. Mailing My Last Letter
3. Sixteen Miles
4. Over at Uncle Joe's
5. The Black Rose
6. Stop, I'll Walk with You
7. Broad Tennessee
8. A Long Time
9. Easy Street
10. Jim, the Truck Driving Man
11. Pappy
12. Too Many Heartaches
13. Walking Through the Sand in Texas
14. Where'd All Out Summer Wages Go
15. Below the Dixie Line
16. West Virginia Rose
17. Little Toy Star
18. Walking the Tennessee Road
19. Vulpine
20. The Way the Wild Geese Fly

1 comment:

theoldgrinch said...

this is great, Thanks, btw Library of Congress has a copy of his album "Below The Dixie Line" they have it as being recorded in 1985