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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hawkins County Barn Dance

Advertisement for the Hawkins County Barn Dance
in "Rogersville Review" on July 10, 1952
One of the many live stage shows during the 1950s, the Hawkins County Barn Dance originated from the town of Rogersville, Tennessee, and was the creation of a local DJ named Speedy Clark. The show started in 1952 and was on the air as early as in July that year over WJHL (Johnson City, Tennessee). It was first held at the American Legion Auditorium in Rogersville but had moved to McConald Hall by October 1952, as Speedy Clark reported in Billboard. At that time, a barn was built for the show. Located between Bristol and North Knoxville, it was said to be able to house 2000 people. 

If anyone has more info on the show, please pass it along.

Artists on that show included:

  • Smiling Oscar Keppler
  • Wayne Allen and the Stone Mt. Boys
  • Ole Joe Clark
  • Ronnie Knittel and the Lonesome Valley Ramblers
  • Ronnie Talley and the Cherokee Mt. Boys
  • Smiling Jack Lane
  • Laure Lipe
  • Hickman Brothers
  • Thelma Davis
  • Bailes Sisters Trio
  • Coy Shelton
  • Allan Brothers: possibly Wayne Allan mentioned above?
  • Ralph Mayo: Fiddler for such acts as the Stanley Brothers, Moore & Napier, the Webster Brothers, Mac Wiseman, Faron Young, and many others. Part of many shows such as Louisiana Hayride, WWVA Jamboree, Farm and Fun Hour, among others. Mayo could be also heard on WJHL. Born in 1930, died in 1992.
  • Blind Boy Jack
  • Glory Land Quartet
  • Speedy Clark: Possibly the same artist that appeared on the Brown County Jamboree (WLW, Cincinnati, Ohio) with the Lonesome Pine Boys. This artist's birth date was August 6, 1900.
  • Hack Johnson: From Scotts Hill, Tennessee, Johnson was the emcee of the show. He recorded some 78s as well as 45s and also performed with his brother Clyde. Johnson had a band called the Tennesseans which appeared on WPTF in Raleigh, North Carolina. Also was on WRVA.

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