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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Forgotten Tales and Stories of...

...one of the most unknown country singers of all-time: Slim Dortch. I know I slowed down posting drastically so I sat down today after work and finished this fine compilation. I enjoyed Dortch's rockin' "Big Boy Rock" so much I started collecting his music, though I still do not have all of his 45rpm records (thanks to Neil Scott for helping me out on this). I'm pretty sure this is the only place where you can get that much of Dortch's music. I have to admit that I'm not sure if this is his complete work, though. Hope you'll enjoy it!


track list.
1. Big Boy Rock
2. Mailing My Last Letter
3. Sixteen Miles
4. Over at Uncle Joe's
5. The Black Rose
6. Stop, I'll Walk with You
7. Broad Tennessee
8. A Long Time
9. Easy Street
10. Jim, the Truck Driving Man
11. Pappy
12. Too Many Heartaches
13. Walking Through the Sand in Texas
14. Where'd All Out Summer Wages Go
15. Below the Dixie Line
16. West Virginia Rose
17. Little Toy Star
18. Walking the Tennessee Road
19. Vulpine
20. The Way the Wild Geese Fly


rockin-djames said...

HI Mellow

Thanks for this new release in your collection.

Great release. I dll now and impatient to hear this.


Anonymous said...

I've only ever heard "Big Boy Rock" and it's a rocker! Looking forward to this. Thanks for doing what you do.

zephyr said...

Thank you Mellow it is always so good to hear the 'new' older singers

Anonymous said...

But bad sound...

ralph11 said...

Thank you for the good work. I so enjoy discovering artists unknown to me and such is the case here.