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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sylvia Mobley discography

Sylvia Mobley 45rpm and 33 ½ Records Discography

 The following discography is an attempt to list all of Sylvia Mobley's released 45rpm records. A protégé of Jimmy Haggett at one time, Mobley recorded for numerous small Arkansas and Tennessee labels. Corrections and additions are highly appreciated.

Santo 502
Sylvia Mobley
 If I Had You Again (Glenn Honeycutt) / All By Myself (Ronald Wallace)
S-104 / S-105

Cotton Town Jubilee 113
Sylvia Mobley
Are You Sorry (O'Neal - Williams) / Worried Over You (M. Grisham)
A /  B

Big Style 102
Sylvia Mobley
Every Time I See You (Sylvia Mobley) / Tell Me Clouds (Sylvia Mobley)
A / B
"Produced by Chuck Comer & Bozy Moore & J.C. Wooten / Dist. Nationally by Cotton Town Jubilee Records"
Cotton Town Jubilee 115
Sylvia Mobley
I'm Not Alone Anymore (Chuck Comer) / Every Time I See You (Sylvia Mobley)
S4KM-1791 / S4KM-1792 (RCA)

Millionaire 660S-0885
Sylvia Mobley
Hearts Have a Language (G. Williams) / In and Out of Love (M. Endsley)
SK4M-0885 / SK4M-0886 (RCA)

Jeopardy JS-100
Sylvia Mobley
Take Care of Me () / Summer Rose (Leland Davis)
1968 (BB)

Jeopardy JS 101
Sylvia Mobley
One Careless Moment () / Tinsel Dreams (Glenn Honeycutt)
"Allen Hunt - Guitar"
1968 (BB)

Starday 45-876
Sylvia Mobley
Treating You Cool (Sylvia Mobley) / Swapped for the Bottle (Sylvia Mobley)
634-45-9046 / ?
"Produced by Louie Innis"

Villa 2909/2910
Sylvia Mobley
Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes (Slim Wilet) / Searching (Murphy Maddox)
October 1972 (on label)
"Produced by Tom Livingston / Arranged by Big Jim Whitby"

Villa VR-1001
Sylvia Mobley
I Need a Body (Bill Robinson) / The Hurt Finally Came Home ()
UR-338-A / ?
Note: "Jan 10 1974" stamped on label.

Phoenix PXR-124
Sylvia Mobley
I Give In, Till I Give Out (Now I Give Up) (Sylvia Mobley) / Let Me In (Sylvia Mobley)
1975 (on label)
"Produced by Scotty Moore"

Belle Meade BM 1615
Sylvia Mobley
Silent Love (Sylvia Mobley) / If I Only Knew (Sylvia Mobley)
BM 16103 / BM 16104
1975 (on label)
"Producer: Scotty Moore"

Belle Meade LP 1003 "My Needs Are You"
Sylvia Mobley
My Needs Are You / I Give In, Till I Give Out / If I Only Knew / I Think of Love / Searching / Don't Let the Stars (Get in Your Eyes) / Poison Love / Let Me In / Silent Love / Under Your Spell Again

Rays Gold RG-22784 "Songs for Ma Ma"
Sylvia Mobley
Ma Ma / Can't You Remember / Life's Railway To Heaven / Keep On Keepin' On / Will the Circle Be Unbroken / Satisfied / One Day at a Time / His Name is Jesus / Song Of Praise / If I Could Hear Mother Pray Again


Bob The Scared Data Miner said...

plus :

Santo 502 Sylvia Mobley
All By Myself/ If I had you again (1962)


LP on 'Rays Gold' No. Rg-22784
Sylvia Mobley: Songs For Ma Ma'

Producer: Scotty Moore
Drums: D. J. Fontana
Willie Rainsford-Piano, Pete Wade-Lead Guitar, Joe Osborn-Bass, Larry Sasser-Dobro And Steel, Hubert [Hoot] Hester-Fiddle

Ma Ma / Can't You Remember / Life's Railway To Heaven / Keep On Keepin' On / Will The Circle Be Unbroken /
Satisfied / One Day At A Time / His Name Is Jesus / Song Of Praise / If I Could Hear Mother Pray Again

Mellow said...

Just forgot about the Santo record! I have it. Will add that, too. Thanks!

Charmain said...