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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nashville Matrix?

Currently, I'm working on a piece about Cowboy Slim Dortch for the upcoming issue of the "American Music Magazine." I have several 45rpm records in my collection that have "Phillips OSM" plus matrix number etched (or stamped) into the dead wax, including a record by Dortch and a Do-Ra-Me record by the Dixieland Drifters. The Dortch tracks were likely recorded in Memphis with Travis Wammack on guitar, the Dixieland Drifters songs in Nashville. I believe it was a Nashville plant that pressed those records, can someone conform this?

Also, any additional info on Dortch is highly appreciated!


Steve Hathaway said...

From http://www.anorakscorner.com/PressingPlantInfo.html

Matrix Of Nashville - Nashville
Based at 457 Chestnut Street, next door to Southern Plasctics (later URP) at #453. this company made metal parts for the local pressing plants - their work bears the stamped in italic, "Nashville Matrix" wording, sometimes confused as saying "Nashville Mains", due to a worn out stamper.

Mellow said...

Steve, I know that site and also thought of Matrix of Nashville but there is no "Nashville Matrix" stamped in the deadwax. How can I identify a MoN pressing?