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Thursday, May 2, 2013

San Antonio Records

July 6, 1946, Billboard ad for San Antonio records by distributor
Runyon Sales Company from New York City.
Following my post on laber owner Paul Westmoreland, here's now the discography of San Antonio Records. If there are more recordings which are not listed here, please do not hesitate and passt it along. San Antonio Records was bases in Los Angeles on 9160 Hollywood Boulevard, although Westmoreland was active in the Sacramento area.

San Antonio 101
 Paul Westmoreland and his Pecos River Boys
Can't Win, Can't Place, Can't Lose / Trouble Keeps Hanging 'Round My Door 
San Antonio 102
Paul Westmoreland and his Pecos River Boy
Wrong Side of the Track / Headin' Down the Wrong Highway 
San Antonio 103:
 Frankie Marvin -
 Guitar Polka / It's a Sin (What You're Doin' to Me) 
San Antonio 104
Frankie Marvin
Honey Do You Think It's Wrong / Popcorn Poppin' Mama 
San Antonio 105
Larry Bryant 
I'll Be Lonely / My Blue Eyes
San Antonio 106
Paul Westmoreland and his Pecos River Boys
Texas Steel Guitar / Oklahoma Bound 
San Antonio 107
Frankie Marvin
Wine, Women, and Song / Baby That Won't Get It 
San Antonio 108
Paul Westmoreland and his Pecos River Boys
 One Way Street / From Now On 
San Antonio 109
Frankie Marvin's Boogie Billies
 Honey Could Be / Have I Been Mean to You

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