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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Coral Rock'n'Roll Party

This is a re-up by request. Remember that all gratitude and glory goes to the one who provided this nice LP, bobsluckycat. Read what he had to say about the artist and their recordings here.


track list:
1. Steve Lawrence - The Chicken and the Hawk
2. Alan Freed - I Don't Need Lottsa Money
3. Lawrence Welk - Rock'n'Roll Ruby
4. Georgie Auld - Plantation Boogie
5. Don Cornell - Teenage Meeting
6. George Cates - High and Dry
7. The McGuire Sisters - Rhythm 'n' Blues
8. Freddie Mitchell - Freddie's Boogie
9. The Goofers - Flip, Flop and Fly
10. Sarah McLawler - Blues for Rex
11. Johnny Burnette - Tear It Up
12. Bill Carey - Goin' to Chicago Blues
13. George Williams - The Rompin' Stomper
14. The Lancers - Little Fool


Discographer said...

Great to hear this again. I have a good scan of cover but unfortunately this space won't accept Paste. Let me know if there's somewhere I can send it.
Any chance of the other Coral album -Rock'n'Roll Dance Party?

Discographer said...

Thinking about it again - just download the cover from here -

Mellow said...

Thanks for the cover! I'm sorry but I have not the other Coral album but will look for it.