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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tennessee Rock, Vol. I

Thought it is time for a little download again. I posted this nearly three years ago and it was unvailable after Megaupload was taken down by the FBI. After Mediafire has also become very unreliable (at least when I use it), I decided to try my hand at Rapidshare. RS has been around since...since the dinosaurs disappeared?! Sounds long but that's my personal perception.

Back to the music. Some really nice tracks on it, including Clyde Owens, Lynn Pratt, Curtis Hobock and others. I also owe you folks the other two volumes I promised but this has two wait. I'm on the hunt for some real rare records and I hope I can fix my turntable soon to record when I have them.


track list:
1. Don Wade - Gone, Gone, Gone
2. Tennessee Drifters - The Drifter
3. Charles Dean - Train Whistle Boogie
4. Clyde Owens - Swing It Little Kitty
5. Buck Owens - Hot Dog
6. Roy Duke - Be-Have, Be-Quit or Begone
7. Curley Griffin - Got Rockin' on My Mind
8. Carl Mann - Gonna Rock and Roll Tonight
9. Kenny Parchman - Treat Me Right
10. Curtis Hobock - Tom Dooley Rock & Roll
11. Wayne Williams - Red Hot Mama
12. Lynn Pratt - Tom Cat Boogie
13. Lynn Pratt - Red Headed Woman
14. Hoyt Stevens - 55 Chevy
15. Jonnie McCullouch - Who Shot Sam


jim said...

Hi, I look forward to hearing this. Could you check the download link please. Tells me I don't have permission from uploader. Many thanks.

Exeter said...

Me, too.

Download not available
Download permission denied by uploader. (0b67c2f5)


Mellow said...

Should work for you now.

Exeter said...

It does work now! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


Please Re-Up!Thanks a lot!