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Friday, February 15, 2013

Sunny Valley Boys on United Southern

Sunny Valley Boys - My Son Calls Another Man Daddy (1962), United Southern 5-118

I bought this record a couple of weeks ago and was struck by this raw and authentic Country band. The Sunny Valley Boys, likely an local outfit from Arkansas, were led by fiddler Leon Tidwell, who takes over the lead vocals on this side. The singer on the flip was his wife Myra Collins, also backed by the Sunny Valley Boys. The United Southern label was founded in 1961. Carl Friend was the A&R manager of this company from Hot Springs and also appears to be the co-writer of the two songs on the flip side.

You can hear them here with their redition of the old Hank Williams tune "My Son Calls Another Man Daddy," a great rendition if you ask me. Note that "Teardrops Teardrops (Please Stop Falling)" was composed by Iva Sue Lovelady, who owned the Lovelady label in Walnut Ridge, Northeast Arkansas. Lovelady also recorded Earl Smith and the Night Cappers in 1962. I'd be happy if anyone has more information on the Sunny Valley Boys.

The sound file is not from my copy since my turntable refuses to play records at the right speed. Thanks to Michael Hancock who sent me a clip from his copy.

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