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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The hunt list

Still, there are some songs missing for a project I am working at. Possibly someone of you have them. If this is the case, please contact me! The songs are:

David Lee - That's the Way I Feel / Pledging My Love (Agnes 101)
Marlon Grisham - Why Did She Go / Jungle Love (Clearpool 101)
Jimmy Knight - Hula Bop / You'll Always Be Mine (Crystal 502)
Slim Dortch - Mailing My Last Letter (Eugenia 1001)
Hank Swatley - I Can't Help It (Aaron 101)
Larry Donn - Just a Man in a Honky-Tonk Band (Shelby SS 1002)


Uncle Gil said...

Swatley :

Mellow said...


Merchantman22 said...

Look at this on eBay:

RARE-Tiny Tim & His Tornadoes-TEEN'S CHOICE-Original 45 Rockabilly-NM-NOT REPRO


Anonymous said...

Mellow, is your Hunt List up to date?

if you need Marlon Grisham - Jungle Love as mp3, i have it.

Mellow said...


yes I still need this. You can find my email adress on my profile page. Thanks in advance!

Arkansas45 said...

Great day sir! I have used your blog as a reference on numerous occasions. Thank you for your efforts. I came across this page while trying to research the Larry Donn 45 in my possession. I have Shelby 1002. It will go up on EBAY this Sunday, June 5th.

Mellow said...

Thanks for the heads up! You know my other site, http://arkansas45s.blogspot.de/ ? It could be of your interest.

Arkansas45 said...

I am familiar with it as well! I use it and another site to reference my Alley Records collection needs:)