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Monday, December 10, 2012

Kenny Owens - Mid-American Music from Arkansas

This is a project I am very proud of. It was not an easy task to gather information on Arkansas singer Kenny Owens but it was even harder to collect his recordings. A big thanks to Michael Hancock, Kent Heineman and Howdy for providing some of the rare cuts here. I believe this is the only place where you can get Owens' (almost) complete recorded ouput. At least one song ("John Built a City") is still missing. Hope you enjoy it.

New link: ♫♫♫

track list:
1. I Got the Bug
2. High School Sweater
3. Come Back Baby
4. Frog Man Hop
5. Wrong Line
6. Come Back Baby
7. Crazy for Your Love
8. I'm Cheatin' Again
9. Christmas Poem
10. Traveling on Her Mind
11. Oh How I Miss You
12. Ballad of the Teenage Queen
13. Hey Porter
14. Honky Tonk Man
15. Mama Layed the Law Down
16. Long Lost John
17. That Big Ole Moon
18. You've Got No Reason
19. First Date
20. A Boy Named Sue
21. Big Boss Man
22. Together Again
23. Oakie from Muskogee
24. Hot Rod Race


Uncle Gil said...

Great! Thanks Mellow!

Duke said...

That is top notch Mr. Mellow. Great work.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You do a great job providing information and links on both well known and long forgotten artists such as this one. I appreciate the time spent. It's too bad that so much of what you and others have worked hard to make available is getting pulled off hosting sites.

Sean said...

I cannot believe you've complied most of Kenny Owens material. I've been fascinated with every track i hear of his of various blogs and had started my own collection of his work. Looks like you beat me to it. Thanks!

DrunkenHobo said...

Classic (Sweden) CD_ 748 "Teenage Time Vol. 11 has Ken Owens & The Del-Rays Chance (AR) 45 - 71462 (1962) "You're For me"
download at http://www.rockhall.ro/forums/index.php?topic=55848.0

Mellow said...

@DrunkenHobo: I know, I did some contribution to the liner notes. But Ken Owens and the Del-Rays are a completely different band! They're not related with Kenny Owens.