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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tony Marshall on Ariola

Tony Marshall - Schöne Maid (Ariola 14 891), 1971
Tony Marshall - Aus lauter Liebe zu dir (Ariola 14 891), 1971

I doubt that any of my readers with non German-origins know this singer. Herbert Anton Bloeth, better known as "Tony Marshall," was born in 1938 and got his start in the music business already in the mid-1960s but it was not until 1971 that he got his breakthrough with the single featured today, "Schöne Maid" b/w "Aus lauter Liebe zu dir" on the Ariola label.

I listened to this 45 this evening and ripped it for you. "Schöne Maid" reached the #3 spot on the German charts and was also released in the USA and Australia under the name of "Pretty Maid." It is based on an old traditional from Tahiti entitled "Nau Haka Taranga" and both sides of the single were written by Jack White, who also produced the session. Both sides are great and when you feel a little low this fall, spin them and you will better. I promise.

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