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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Malcolm Yelvington discography I

Malcolm Yelvington Discography, Part I: Original Released Recordings

The following discography intends to list all of Memphis musician Malcolm Yelvington's original released recordings. Numerous alternate takes, demos and other originally unreleased songs will be the subject of the second part. Additions and corrections are appreciated.
Malcolm Yelvington and the Star Rhythm Boys, ca. 1954: From left to right: Miles "Red" Winn, Gordon Joe Mashburn, Malcolm Yelvington, Reece Fleming, Jake Riles
Sun 211
Malcolm Yelvington and Star Rhythm Boys
Drinkin' Wine Spodee-O-Dee (Sticks McGhee) / Just Rolling Along (Reece Fleming)
U-134 / U-135 (Plastic Products)
November 10, 1954
Billboard C&W review on January 8, 1955
Recorded October 10, 1954, at Sun Studio (706 Union Avenue - Memphis, Tennessee)
Malcolm Yelvington (vcl/gtr), Reece Fleming (vcl), Gordon Mashburn (ld gtr), Miles "Red" Winn (st gtr), Jake Ryles (bs), Lavern Fleming (pno)
Note: Some sources state that Fleming's wife Lavern played piano on the session, while other credit Reece Fleming with being the piano player.

Meteor 5022
Mac Sales with the Esquire Trio
A Gal Named Joe (Reece Fleming; Leslo)
Mac & Jake with the Esquire Trio
Yakety Yak (Reece Fleming; Gordon Mashburn)

Billboard C&W review on October 29, 1955
Recorded 1955 at Meteor Studio (1794 Chelsea Avenue - Memphis, Tennessee)
Malcolm Yelvington (vcl/gtr), Miles "Red" Winn (st gtr), Jake Ryles (bs/vcl), Frank Tolley (pno)

Sun 246
Malcolm Yelvington
Rockin' with My Baby (Malcolm Yelvington) / It's Me, Baby (Reece Fleming)
U-206 / U-207 (Plastic Products)
August 3, 1956
Billboard C&W review on September 1, 1956
Recorded February 2, 1956 at Sun Studio (706 Union Avenue - Memphis, Tennessee)
Malcolm Yelvington (vcl/gtr), Gordon Mashburn (ld gtr), Miles "Red" Winn (st gtr), Frank Tolley (pno), Billy Weir (dms)

Shelby County EP 001
Marcus Van Story
Get with It (Charlie Feathers; Jody Chastain; Jerry Huffman) / [unknown title]
Malcolm Yelvington
Goodbye Marie (Reece Fleming) / Way Down Blues (Reece Fleming)

Recorded 1974 at Glo-Lite Studios (Memphis, Tennessee)

Malcolm Yelvington (vcl/gtr), Bubba Feathers (ld gtr), Red Hadley (pno), Marcus Van Story (bs/h), Charlie Feathers (bs), Leslie Van Story (dms)
Note: Charlie Feathers plays bass on "Way Down Blues" while Marcus Van Story plays harmonica.

Barrelhouse LP BH011 "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-Oh-Dee!"
Marcus Van Story LP featuring Malcolm Yelvington on "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-Oh-Dee," "Shim Sham Shimmy," and "Shot Gun Boogie."

Recorded 1974 at Quinton Claunch Studios (Memphis, Tennessee)
Malcolm Yelvington (gtr), Bubba Feathers (ld gtr), Charlie Feathers (gtr), Marcus Van Story (bs)
Note: It's not clear who takes over the vocals on these three tracks.

RB1001 LP "Johnny Burnette's Rock'n'Roll Trio and their Rockin' Friends from Memphis"
Various artists LP featuring "Goin' Downtown" by Malcolm Yelvington.

Note: The track was mistitled and actually is a re-recording of "A Gal Named Joe."

Collector CD CLCD 4403 "A Tennessee Saturday Night with Malcolm Yelvington"

Malcolm Yelvington
"Move It On Over" (Hank Williams)
"(Gonna) Have Myself a Ball" (Malcolm Yelvington; Reece Fleming)
"Goodbye Marie" (Reece Fleming)
"Disapointed" (Malcolm Yelvington)
"Trumpet" (Louie Moore)
"Hey, Good Lookin'" (Hank Williams)
"Tennessee Saturday Night" (Billy Hughes)
"Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee" (Stick McGhee; J. Williams)
"Mr. Blues" (Malcolm Yelvington)
"A Gal Named Joe" (Reece Fleming)
"Yakety Yak" (Gordon Mashburn; Reece Fleming)
"It's Me, Baby" (Reece Fleming)
"With Me Baby" (Malcolm Yelvington)
"Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee" (Sticks McGhee; J. Williams)
"Yakety Yak" (Gordon Mashburn; Reece Fleming)
"I'll Fly Away" (Trad.; arr. Malcolm Yelvington; Tedy Redell)
Recorded 1988 live in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Malcolm Yelvington (vcl/gtr), Eddie Jones (ld gtr), Dave Travis (gtr), Terry Keating (st gtr), Alan Wilson (bs), Howard Tible (dms), Teddy Redell (pno/vcl) on "I'll Fly Away"

Freedonia EP-102 "Rockin' in Memphis '95"
Malcolm Yelvington and Mack Stevens
Gal Named Joe (Reece Fleming) / There's a Little Life Left in This Old Boy Yet (Mack Stevens)
Cruisin' with Susan (Mack Stevens) / Goodbye Marie (Reece Fleming)
Recorded July 30, 1995, in Memphis, Tennessee
Malcolm Yelvington (vcl/gtr), Mack Stevens (vcl/gtr/bs), Fuzzy Whitener (gtr)
"Cruisin with Susan" was recorded July 9, 1995, in Mack Stevens' bedroom (Corsicana, Texas) with Stevens playing all instruments

706 CD 70397 "There's a Little Life Left in This Old Boy Yet"
Malcolm Yelvington
"Yakety Yak" (Gordon Mashburn; Reece Fleming)
"It's Me Baby" (Reece Fleming)
"You're the One Rose (That's Left In My Heart)" ()
"Fast Living" ()
"Disappointed" (Malcolm Yelvington)
"Rocking With My Baby" (Malcolm Yelvington)
"Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy" (Harry Stone; Jack Stapp)
"Make Yourself At Home In My Heart" ()
"Love Me Tender" ()
"Hillbilly Rocking Man" ()
"There's a Little Life Left in This Old Boy Yet" ()
"My Happitiness" ()
"Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette)" (Merle Travis; Tex Williams)
"Little Girl of Four" ()
"Walk Talk Sing" ()
"I'm Thankful" ()
"Interview with Malcolm Yelvington"
Recorded 1991-1997 at Sun Studio (706 Union Avenue - Memphis, Tennessee)
Malcolm Yelvington (vcl), unknown musicians


rockin-djames said...

Hi Mellow

Thanks alot for this great tribute to one of the real greatest pionner of Country and Rockabilly.

Malcom deserved to be more known.

Again Thanks and wait for part 2.


kranthi P said...
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Anonymous said...

The two credits to Jake Riles and Jake Ryles was actually to my father, Lenon Jacob (Jake) Riales, Jr. (Lenon Riales III)

Mellow said...

Hi, thanks for your message. I sure would like to know more about your father and his career. Do you have an email adress?