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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Unknown artist #1

Unknown artist - What a Way to Go (unknown label), unknown date

I don't know where I picked up this Country sounding recording but it's a good one. Can anybody help?

UPDATE: Many of the visitors wrote me and identified the artist. Thanks! It's Jerry Inman - What a Way to Go (Tower 242), 1966. Thanks to HankTheSmoker, BobB, Svein Martin Pedersen, and Westex.


Anonymous said...

Checked the web, lots os songs with that title, but not THIS tune. It's a classic! Thanx........

HankTheSmoker said...

Can it be:

"What A Way To Go"
Jerry Inman
Tower 242

Mellow said...

That's possible. I will try to compare it. Do you have a sample?

BobB said...

Pretty sure this is Jerry Inman. Recorded in 1966. Excellent recording.

HankTheSmoker said...

No, I don't have it, but the voice seems very close to Jerry Inman, and your playing time fits very good what's printed on the label.

WESTEX said...