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Monday, October 22, 2012

Larry Donn & Wildfire Willie

Here's a really great jam session recording by a couple of musicians, including the late Larry Donn and Rockabilly band leader Jan Svensson, of Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers was. This was recorded "live" at Terry Carter's home on February 16, 1995. I uploaded it as one file since I don't want to disturb the "atmosphere" of the session. You can hear Svensson start Sun classics like Kenny Parchman's "Tennessee Zip," Warren Smith's Ubangi Stomp," Billy Lee Riley's "Got the Water Boiling" among others during the session, while Donn comes up with classic Rock'n'Roll recordings and an amazing version of his old Vaden buddy Bobby Brown's "Bobby's Blues." If you listen close, you can hear Svensson doing many of the solos just like they are on record!

During the sessions, the musicians sometimes changed instruments. While Carter plays his electric guitar during the first half of the session, he later took up the harmonica. He also switched to bass and in turn the bass player to guitar. There are also some songs I couldn't really identify, they are simply marked as [unknown track] in the track list. There are also some skips in the middle. Hope you enjoy it, though!

Larry Donn (vcl/pno)
Jan Svensson (vcl/ld gtr)
Terry Carter (ld gtr/hrmca)
other musicians (sax/bs/perc/dms) unknown


track list:
1. Instrumental
2. Good Rockin' Tonight
3. Rocky Road Blues
4. Trouble Bound
5. Boney Maroney
6. Honey-Bun
7. That's What I Call a Ball
8. Bobby's Blues
9. [unknown track]
10. [unknown track] (vocal: Terry Carter)
11. [unknown track]
12. Roll Over Beethoven
13. Ubangi Stomp
14. Blues medley: Big Boss Man / Shame, Shame, Shame / Hi-Heel Sneakers / Big Boss Man
15. Rock with Me Baby
16. Somethin' Baby
17. [unknown track]

1 comment:

Wildfire Willie said...

Please correct the info. This is Not Wildfire Willie! It is Jan Svensson who is vocalist in the band Wildfire Willie!
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