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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dixieland Blues, Volume 3

Because of the series' popularity, here's the third installment! Original text: Another volume of the "Dixieland Blues" series, which is quite popular among the visitors of this blog. A special thanks goes to the Hillbilly Researcher blog, from which I got most of the songs. I have compiled 14 new tracks from times gone by. I hope you like the music as well as the liner notes I put together.


track list:
1. Tommy Sargent - Night Train to Memphis
2. Tex Daniels - It Can't Rain Every Day
3. Ramblin' Tommy Scott - Mountain Music
4. Jimmy Saul - My Long Tall Gal from Tenn.
5. Buchanan Brothers - Don't Dog Me 'Round
6. Buchanan Brothers - Hootin-Nanny Papa
7. Odell Johnson - Dizzy Lizzie from Gismo St.
8. Sons of the Range - The Texas Cannonball
9. Bill & Mary Reid - The Bloom Has Left the Roses
10. Jim Hand - Columbus Stockade Blues
11. Bill Freeman - Separate Ration Blues
12. Hardrock Gunter - At the Jamboree Saturday Night
13. Billy Hughes - Rose of the Alamo
14. Johnny Hicks - Rainy Night Blues

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mellow! Sweet, swinging, and great fun to listen to!