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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dixieland Blues, Vol. 2

Another repost, volume two of the Dixieland Blues series. This has some great track, too. Listen to Grouchy and his Pioneers with the outstanding Western Swing instrumental "Beaumont Rag," Cousin Chickie Hopkins' "You Tell Her, I Stutter," and "That Regal Feeling," awesome advertising C&W track. By the way: Your comments are highly appreciated, not only when a link doesn't work! Anyway, tell me if you have any problems.

track list:
1. Floyd, Sam and the Black Mountain Boys - Big Bad Moon
2. Kyle Brothers - The Gloryland Way
3. Ralph Reynolds - Alone by the Telephone
4. Fiddlin' Willie - Knocking at Your Door
5. Roy Queen - Sage Brush Ann
6. Grouchy and the Texas Pioneers - Beaumont Rag
7. Redd Harper - (We're a-Dancin') In the Old Red Barn Tonight
8. Cecil Hogan - Little Bashful Girl
9. Slim Dossey - Don't Just Stand There
10. Austin Wood - Headin' Home
11. Austin Wood - You Can Play Your Little Game Around the Corner
12. Cousin Chickie Hopkins - You Tell Her, I Stutter
13. Happy Wilson - I Know My Buddy's Sleeping There
14. Unknown artist - That Regal Feeling

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mellow! Another excellent Dixieland Blues compilation. I like them a lot.