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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Volume 3 review

A rockabilly trio from Canada, the Royal Crowns present their third studio album "Volume 3." Their first two releases were highly acclaimed and their debut album "32 Miles from Memphis" even reached the "National Post's Top Canadian Albums of All Time," a success not many rockabilly bands achieved. The Royal Crowns are Jason Adams on bass and vocals, Danny Bartley on lead guitar and vocals, as well as Teddy Fury on drums and vocals. All of the featured songs on "Volume 3" are original compositions by the band members.

The disc kicks off with the powerful performance of a song called "You Sure Know What You're Doin'," followed by a couple of more solid rockabilly ouings. "Could It Be" and "Please Stop" head more into a pop-rock'n'roll sound direction, the latter being reminiscent of Elvis Presley's late 1950s and early 1960s soft pop songs. Probably the best song is "Pill Poppin' Papa," a raw and stomping number with a great lead guitar.

"Volume 3" is a rockabilly album full of power, energy, and rhythm. Highly recommended to every rockabilly enthusiast. In my opinion, there could have been a bit more variety in the instrumentation and arrangements. A piano here or an acoustic guitar there would have completed the album but that's my personal taste. However, all songs are solid and at least good performances with Danny Bartley playing always an agressive and outstanding lead guitar. "Volume 3" - an exemplar of modern rockabilly.

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