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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rockabilly Duos

Another early compilation, featuring rockabilly duos. Actually, these are all male acts and I always intended to do a second volume but other projects were in my mind that are in progress now. I hope I will finish some of them in the next week. If this is the case, please make yourself ready for some great track lists with lots of obscure, rockin', and partially never re-released recordings from the 1950s and 1960s. I was able o locate some real gems and at the moment, I am gathering enough info for some interesting liner notes. In the meantime, enjoy the harmonies of George and Earl, Jimmy and Johnny, Wade and Dick and some others!


track list:
1. George and Earl - Done Gone
2. Jimmy and Johnny - Can't Find the Door Knob
3. Mike and Jim - Baby Don't Knock
4. Wade and Dick - Bop Bop Baby
5. Jimmy Lee and Wayne Walker - Love Me
6. Mike and Jim - Dungaree Cutie
7. George and Earl - Stop, Look and Listen
8. Farmer Boys - Cool Down Mame
9. Jimmy Lee - Look What Love Will Do
10. Tom Tall and Ruckus Tyler - Don't You Know
11. Jimmy and Johnny - Knock on Wood
12. Farmer Boys - My Baby Done Left Me


fans12xy12 said...

Others duos to see this summer: Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw or Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan... http://www.fansinthestands.com/
I am sure the four of them will make the list one day of old timers!

behahockey said...

great songs. fantastic job to dig out this unknown songs. keep on doing this. I´ll have many more for you: behahockey@aol.com
Write me

behahockey said...

great songs. A fantastic job to dig out those unknown songs. I have quite a few more or you: write me: behahockey@aol.com

Frank de Boer said...

I love the fact that you have Rockabilly duos. Is a double bass a prerequisite for being rockabilly?

Mellow said...

I think so. The use of an electric bass is an indication for Rock'n'Roll, not Rockabilly.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Vanguards would be here... the were one of my favorites.