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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mud on RAK

Mud - Rocket (1974), RAK 1 C 006-95 707
Mud - The Ladies (1974), RAK 1 C 006-95 707

Today's post is a bit unusual, thinking of which music normally appears on this blog. Mud was a British Glam Rock band of the 1970s; they had several hits in Europe during the decade. Please do not search for pictures of them unless you want to see men in women's clothers and with women's haircuts. That's why I decided to leave it out to post a picture here. Let the music speak for itself.

1970s Glam Rock was influenced a lot by 1950s rock'n'roll music. Guitar breaks and typical 1950s lyrcis were two of those elements borrowed from rock'n'roll. The genre's leading exponent Gary Glitter even appeared in 1970s Elvis styled suites.

The fast moving "Rocket" is certainly the top side hee and it was a hit in the UK (#6), in Germany (#9) and several other European countries in 1974. "The Ladies" is a mid-tempo rocker which is good but nothing special.

Line-up: Les Gray (vcl), Rob Davis (ld gtr), Ray Stiles (bs), Dave Mount (dms)

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